Ulrich Krieger

Ulrich Krieger is well known as a saxophone player in contemporary composed and free improvised music as well as a composer of chamber music and electronic music. His recent focus lies more in the experimental fields and fringes of contemporary pop culture, his old love: somewhere in the limbo between noise and heavy metal, ambient, and silence.

His way of saxophone playing, he calls: 'acoustic electronics' and more often uses his instrument as an 'analogue sampler'—from which he can call his quasi-electronic sounds, which then get processed—rather than as a traditional finger-virtuoso instrument. By amplifying his instrument in different ways, he gets down to the 'grains of the sounds', changing their identity and structure from within.

Krieger was commissioned to write works for: Soldier String Quartet, oh-ton ensemble, Ensemble United Berlin, KontraTrio, zeitkratzer, Ensemble Experimente, Seth Josel, intersax, Text of Light, and others. He has managed to transcribe and arrange Lou Reeds infamous 'Metal Machine Music', what everybody thought to be impossible to do, for classical instruments, performed by zeitkratzer. He also arranged works by Merzbow, Throbbing Gristle, Deicide, Terry Riley, Henry Cowell and others for chamber ensemble. His compositions are widely performed by ensembles in Europe and the USA. He collaborates with: Lou Reed, LaMonte Young, Phill Niblock, Text of Light, Lee Ranaldo, Phill Niblock, John Duncan, Zbigniew Karkowski, Merzbow, Thomas Köner, DJ Olive, Christian Marclay, Kasper T Toeplitz, Antoine Beuger, Radu Malfatti, Mario Bertoncini, Michiko Hirayama, Miriam Marbe, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Ensemble Modern, Berliner Philharmoniker, Soldier String Quartet, zeitkratzer, just to name a few.

Krieger performed at the Eleventh Annual Activating the Medium Festival in 2008.