Ted Apel

Ted Apel is a sound artist whose sculptures and installations focus on the audio transducing element as the source of visual and sonic material. He has exhibited his work at sound art festivals and exhibits including the SoundCulture 96 festival in San Francisco; the Ussachevsky Festival in Claremont, California; the EarArt Sound exhibit in Chico, California; the Sinusoidal Sound Art Show at SFSU; the Audio Art Festival in Krakow, Poland; and the Sound Symposium in St. John's Newfoundland. He was twice a prizewinner at the Bourges International Electroacoustic Music Competition for his sound installations. And his sound installation received an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2001. He studied electroacoustic music at Dartmouth College with Jon Appleton, Larry Polansky and Christian Wolff. He is currently teaching computer music as adjunct faculty at the Boise State University Department of Music.

Ted Apel presented his installation Trochilics at 23five's Activating The Medium festival in 2004 at the Fine Arts Gallery of Cuesta College.