Pod Blotz

Suzy Poling is a multi-dimensional visual artist working with photography, sound, film, collage, video, optics, light art, performance, silk screening, installation and sculpture. She exhibits her large scale photographs and also creates elaborate video and refractive light art experiments along with sound. Poling has performed experimental organ drones, electronics and tape manipulations under the moniker Pod Blotz since 2002. Her visual work has been shown or performed at the Berkeley Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure, Chicago Cultural Center, Queen's Nails Projects, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Australian Center for Photography, Aperture Foundation, Pro Arts and various galleries and art centers in Los Angeles and Chicago. She is represented by Zg Gallery and her artwork has appeared in Beautiful Decay Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Harper's Magazine, Chicago Tribune and multiple book compilations and album covers. She has ongoing collaborations with artists Kamau Amu Patton, Owleyes, Carlos Gonzales and Julia Solis from Ars Subterranea.

Musically, Pod Blotz and has recorded or worked with Zaimph, Smegma, MV Carbon, Twig Harper, Blood Stereo, Inca Ore, David Scott Stone, Future Blondes, Chiara Giovando, Russian Tsarlag and Mick Goldwater. She has performed shows with Nautical Almanac, Mat Brinkman, Kites, Dolphins into the Future, Jaap Blonk, Daniel Higgs, Hair Stylistics, John Wiese, Black Dice, Metalux, Astro, and Haters.

Artistically, Poling is concerned with phenomenon inside of and surrounding the earth, ecological evolution, the systemized order of space within the universe and comprehensions of entropy and the effects that these awareness have on the human psyche and human ritual. Her work explores interferences of analog objects to digital media and electrical synthesis. Within all of Poling’s projects, there is a consideration for the subtle and overt flows of regeneration, whether it be through explorations of light refraction, video feedback, sonic resonances, chemical reactions with paint or film, decay, or documentation of natural volatile minerals and volcanic geothermal features. She experiments with color tones and grayscale to describe symbols and myth in regards to geometric systems in nature, optics, chemical reactions, disintegration of materials, and the human condition.

Pod Blotz performed at the Fifteenth Annual Activating the Medium Festival in 2012.