Keith Evans

Keith Evans is an artist and activist that has been working and performing in the Bay Area for 25 years. Collaboration and co-creation has been a core element of his artistic practice having co-founded the experimental cinematic trio silt in 1989 as well as participating in many duos, groups and ensembles including most currently with Thingamajigs Performance Group. He creates artwork in a cross-media array; Using language, graphics, book arts, installation, kinetic sculpture, dance, film, video and sound, primarily for performance or with an expanded idea of performativity. The histories of imaginative devices for altering consciousness find their way into his performances. His artworks are translation systems, fascination devices, extra-cinematic experiences that reveal the phenomenon and the idea of cinema as an ecology and system, one that is unfixed and accreting, neither nostalgic nor utopian. His work is concerned with the ephemeral and interpretive, the continuums of perception and materiality, drawing attention to our connection with the earth. He interrogates the blurred spaces, those cultural zones of collaboration, participation and translation that are the most determined by language and yet, the most free to query our direct experiences. His work has been presented in galleries, museums and cinema organizations all over the world including Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. Selections include NYMOMA, CMA, SFMOMA, LACMA and Whitney Biennial 2002.

Evans performed at the Tenth Annual Activating the Medium Festival in 2007.