Joshua Churchill

Joshua Churchill (also known as t/r) is a San Francisco based cross-disciplinary artist that works primarily with sound and light in the context of site-specific, and often reactive, installations, live performances, and recordings. Churchill challenges the traditionally passive role of the audience by immersing them within his work and compelling them to become critically aware of their relationship to their surroundings on both global and intimate scales. His solo noise work, often performed/recorded under the moniker T/R, involves live processing and layering of found and generated sounds, including feedback, tones, percussive objects, and field recordings and pairs them with reactive site-specific lighting elements. Joshua Churchill has exhibited and/or performed at 7hz (San Francisco), National Showa Kinen Park (Tokyo), Loop-Line (Tokyo), Yerba Buena Center For the Arts (San Francisco), Aqua Art Fair (Miami), Contemporary Artists Center (North Adams, MA), New Media Scotland, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Post Gallery (Los Angeles), and Galeria Ze Dos Bois (Lisbon, Portugal).

Joshua Churchill performed for 23five at the Recombinant Media Compound in 2007 and at the 13th Annual Activating The Medium festival in 2010.