Ensemble Economique

Humboldt County citizen Brian Pyle is Ensemble Economique and has also recorded in the Starving Weirdos and RV Paintings. Pyle continues in the long-standing tradition of West Coast experimentalism, merging elements of long-form psychedelia, retrograde electronics, and improvisational strategies. As Ensemble Economique, Pyle has published work through Not Not Fun, Digitalis Recordings, and Amish.

Ensemble Economique performed at the Fourteenth Annual Activating the Medium Festival in 2011. He offers this description about his performance : "My new piece is thirty-four minutes long and will appear in three movements under the working title 'Interval Signals' I’m going to be broadcasting live through a short-range FM transmitter to various boomboxes through one mixer and then have another mixer going through the PA. The feeds from both mixers will then be fed back again into each other. The boomboxes will provide auxiliary sounds out in the crowd and then ebb and flow the main mix into the boomboxes. The entire composition is based around interval signals, which are basically the signature tune of a radio station when they sign-on and sign-off. There are hundreds of them from all of the world and from different eras. I found interesting source material from these Burmese interval signals that are truly otherworldly sounding. Some of the deepest [and] most isolated radio broadcasts ever. I’ll be closing the performance with the classic signature tune from Radio Ceylon, which is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard."