Kenneth Atchley

Kenneth Atchley is a San Francisco Bay Area sound, video, and installation artist who fashions and performs works ranging from pure-tone and noise hymns to distortion-studded, electro-acoustic devotionals. Much of his work from 1997 to 2005 included the use of fountains and his current presentations continue to be informed by that work and study. Atchley's performances and works have been featured in venues and festivals including Activating the Medium (SF), San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Bang on a Can, The Kitchen, T.U.B.E (Munich), CEAIT (CalArts), Echo De Pensees (CCA, SF), CageFest, Rachel Hafferkamp (Cologne). His current repetoire includes the multi-media work "de Quincey Levitation" for video, vocals (by Kattt Sammon and Dean Santomieri), and electronics. He also performs the assisted-installation "14251" for combined-tuning electronics and "Valhalla Chill" a five movement composition for laptop and musique concrète.

Atchley's CD of solo, electro-acoustic-noise works Fountains was released by Auscultare Research. His duet "Sealed Cantus" with John Bischoff has been released on Bischoff's 23five CD Aperture. An interpretive score for "14251" was included in SoundVisions (published by PFAU Neue Musik, Germany, 2005). The libretto of his opera "Edision's Last Project(ION)" and lyrics to the choral work "Lumiere de Main" were published in the book "the guests go in to supper" (Burning Books, USA, 1986).

Atchley performed at 23five's Seventh Annual Activating the Medium festival in 2004.